About Us
What LinHui Garment Do?
Lianhua County LinHui Garment is an experienced and professional garment manufacturer. We focus on design,manufacture and export all kinds of high standard garments like graduation caps gowns,choir robes,judge attire,cos-play garment and other related accessories,like diploma cover and tube,stole and sash,tassel and year charm/date and so on.
In these garments market,if you want to earn more market shares,if you want to save your money for more business,if you want on time shipment date and first class quality items,if you want the top team to give you the best service,then let me tell you that who can do it-LinHui Garment can do it.

Why LinHui Garment?

Research & Development (R&D)
With experienced in-house design and abundant development resources,it’s easy for us to provide research and development for you from start to end.What’s more,we can help to develop materials and accessories.We spend a lot to focus on designing new styles,developing new material and searching the best accessories to meet higher requests of our customers’ as we have deep faith that innovation is the best way for us to move forward.
We have the best designer and tailor who worked as master in Guangzhou for more than 15 years.There more than six skilled stitching master worked in our sample room.We are able to design and develop your sample within couple of days plus material and accessories sourcing to help you win more business chances.
Our output per month is over 300000 units currently including all garments.We have strict quality control during the full process.
  • Cutting: we classify our material before stacking it on the shelves and trays; We check every piece during the full process of placing the row material on the table in layers;We cut the material rigidly under our pattern-maker’s construction.
  • Stitching: we only use standard trained stitching workers for all of our orders. Every new worker always be rigorously trained before stitching bulk orders. Advanced new machines ensured stitching quality.needle qty per centimeter has been strictly controlled by the workshop supervisor.
Embroidery & Printing
We accept orders which has logo printed or embroidered. Even for small quantity as less than 100 pieces ,we will do it for you for sure without high extra model fee. For embroidery,we use branded and well-known imported embroidery machines.For printing,we accept silk screen printing,water printing,mortar printing,hot stamping and digital printing and so on.Just let know what you exactly want and we will come out the samples for your review before ordering.
Quality Control & Finishing
We have arranged quality control at every process. But after the sewing,all the products will leave the sewing lines to the quality control table,we have QCs to check every piece rigidly.Our QC team will have the defect product back to the sewing line to improve it. After the quality checking,the next step is thread cutting. The next step after thread cutting is ironing. Every piece is carefully ironed and hang up dry before packing.
Packing & Shipping
Firstly,we always pack the products strictly based on our customer’s requests.We’re able to customer make all the poly bags and cartons as customers’ requirements.
Secondly,if using our factory’s packing methods. Here are the packing details of our packages:
  • Poly bags: all of our poly bags are blank.The thickness of it is around 3-5dmm. All the sizes are different based on different goods.
  • All the cartons’ thickness is 3 in layer. Standard sizes for caps gowns is 50cmx45cmx27cm.Carton sizes are different for other items.
  • Most of our goods are packed in individual clear poly bags and then packed into the cartons.
  • We ship goods by both air and boat.3-5 days by Fedex,DHL,UPS...... 15-30 days by boat.